6 RV Parking Tips that May Save Your Marriage:

One of the few times my husband and I “disagree” is when we are trying to fit our fifth wheel camper into a camping spot in a campground. After getting our camper neither one of us ever considered that parking might be a challenge or cause us any embarrassment. Well parking has and probably will continue to cause us frustration at some campgrounds we stay in. Some spots are not easy to park in and others no matter how easy, we end up trying at least three times to land our beast in the middle of our designated spot.  Now for some parking, an RV can be scary and challenging but if you remember the following tips I think it will help both you and your spouse in the long run:

  1. Make sure that you scan the parking space for big rocks, trees, or any other obstructions you might encounter. Even if the tree is located five feet away from the space you are trying to land in you will want to know where it is, you might be surprised at how close it gets to crashing into your camper.
  2. Agree ahead of time what hand signals your parking spotter will use. No, I am not talking about any signals that involve a middle finger. Seriously make sure your driver and spotter are on the same page about how they will alert you to go left, right, or the signal that says okay it’s time to switch drivers.
  3. Roll down your window on both the driver’s and passenger’s side of the vehicle, so that the spotter can clearly be heard by the driver. If you are the spotter remember that the windows are now rolled down and that your driver may hear any colourful/helpful comments you might be muttering as you watch your loved one attempts to park, try to be encouraging.
  4. The spotter should carry a six-pack of beer and disperse them to those other campers that are attempting to pass on the road but are being held up as your parker makes their third attempt to land in the parking spot. This will surely calm anyone who is waiting and give them a refreshing beverage while they become spectators and offer expertise they have regarding parking RV’s. This too will engage other camping friends so that you can borrow the bug spray later that you forgot to pack. 
  5. If you can try to reserve a “pull-through” spot, which is much easier to navigate, especially for newbie RV drivers. Just make sure that you reserve a spot long enough for your rig and your vehicle, or again you will be blocking the road.
  6. Always make up with your spouse after parking your RV. Camping is supposed to be fun, you don’t want to start off your trip in a parking failure funk! Laugh it off, everyone has been there, make a joke about it and start thinking of all the fun adventures to come while camping! Enjoy!

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2/19/2018 4:26 PM
Love your advice. My wife and I are entering our 5th year. Your tips brought me back to the early days. I especially love the "gift giving" for those deserving. Good work ya'll.
2/27/2018 9:19 AM
Every spring we seem to go through this same thing. It takes a trip or two for us to get the communication down again. Backing these rigs into tight places can create stress which should be rewarded with a relaxing weekend in the woods. Thanks!