About us

We Love to Camp, Don’t You?

Our adventure started years ago when we decided on a whim to buy an RV, we wanted a place to spend weekends away from the city somewhere in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  We bought a travel trailer one weekend while we were visiting my hometown in Kansas, practically the first one we saw, hooked it to the back of the truck and pulled it back to Colorado. We had very little knowledge about RV camping, but we felt like this was the right move, and so began our camping adventures! At first, I wasn’t completely sold on the idea of camping but soon fell in love with the thought of exploring places in the comfort of our “traveling apartment”. We also found that it is much easier to travel with our six-year-old 80-pound black lab who doesn’t sneak easily into hotel rooms. Believe me, we have learned and laughed a lot all along the way.

We wanted to start a website to help campers connect with other enthusiastic campers who want to share stories about their favorite camping adventures. CampTale.com helps you search for your ideal campground with the help of camper reviews and recommendations of nearby activities.

I look forward to hearing your stories.