Elk Creek Campground - Grand Lake, Colorado

Grand Lake has so many activities and beauty that everyone can find something to do or look at! Check out one of this month's blogs, Grand Camping in Grand Lake, for fun adventures you don't want to miss while visiting Grand Lake Colorado. 

This year while we started making our RV camping reservations we decided to return to Grand Lake, this time with a fifth wheel camper. To find a camping spot my first "go to" is the internet and I just start looking for something. Most times, unless I have been there, we have no idea what to expect until we arrive. Sometimes we get very lucky and other times we end our stay saying "you live and learn" or knowing we will never be back there again. We try to remember all the places we would like to return to and even the specific RV or camping spots taking pictures of the site numbers of sites we think would be outstanding. Hopefully sites like Camptale. com can help you decide where you should set your compass for your next camping adventure.

Moose resting by water

After finding Elk Creek Campground online we decided to go for it. We were so pleased with our choice that we are going back again later in the early fall before they close for the season and will plan on going at least once a season.

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