Turquoise Lake Adventure

I love camping in Colorado. I feel like you just can’t beat the Rocky Mountains. Since we live in Colorado the mountains are closer and more convenient to access camping spots if we are taking off just for the weekend.

One of my favorite adventures was when we went to Turquoise Lake. We had never been to Leadville and heard it was beautiful, so we went. Whoever told us it was beautiful was right! 

Turquoise Lake - Leadville, Colorado

One thing we didn’t plan on was how cold it would be, but we survived. I wonder now that we don’t really tent camp how cold I would be sleeping in a tent considering sometimes I freeze in our heated camper. Now granted our heater wasn’t working during this trip so it was cold. We had a bad battery in the camper that wouldn’t hold a charge and it didn’t even have enough juice to start the propane heat. Lesson learned if you know your battery doesn't hold a charge you may want to invest in a new one prior to camping. Oh well, it was still loads of fun.

While we were at Turquoise Lake we went fishing, and it was fantastic. The lake was like glass for the first fifteen minutes and then it started to snow and get colder. It was crazy that is was cold and snowy in late June, but that is Colorado. I was ready to leave the lake when my husband begged for 10 more minutes of fishing, then it happened... I started catching fish like a mad woman, my husband couldn't keep up with baiting my hook and taking fish off of my line. (Yes I am a wimpy girl and am not keen on doing that part of fishing, although usually, I don't worry, because I don't catch any!)  I had caught my limit within about 10 minutes, and my husband had some tasty trout for dinner and a couple to take home! It was exciting! The best fishing I have ever done.

Turquoise Lake Fishing - Leadville, Colorado

We hiked a bit around the lake on the trail that is a little longer than a mile from the campground, we stayed in the Baby Doe loop and it was nice. The campground had access to drinking water, vault toilets, campfire rings, and picnic tables. It was a clean and quiet campground among the trees. We didn’t sit out much at night since it was cold, but we did wander into town and found a cute restaurant and bar that was playing live music (outside where people were dressed in shorts and flip-flops while we sat inside with our parkas on) and a hockey game we wanted to see. (I think it is O2 now, try the infused moonshine!)

Special events and things to do in Leadville include golf at the highest golf course in North America, Mt Massive Golf Course, Barbeque and Beer Fest in June, celebrate at the Fourth of July parade or by running a 5K at 10,152 feet, and of course so many outdoor activities.

I highly recommend a trip to Turquoise Lake and hope you visit Leadville soon. We found it to be an amazing trip with spectacular views and a historical, cute mountain town. The camping there was great and there are multiple campgrounds to choose from with quick access to the Twin and Turquoise Lakes. 

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