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Our adventure started years ago when we decided on a whim to buy an RV, we wanted a place to spend weekends away from the city somewhere in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  We bought a travel trailer one weekend while we were visiting my hometown in Kansas, practically the first one we saw, hooked it to the back of the truck and pulled it back to Colorado. We had very little knowledge about RV camping, but we felt like this was the right move, and so began our camping adventures! At first, I wasn’t completely sold on the idea of camping but soon fell in love with the thought of exploring places in the comfort of our “travelling apartment”. We also found that it is much easier to travel with our six-year-old 80-pound black lab who doesn’t sneak easily into hotel rooms. Believe me, we have learned and laughed a lot all along the way. CampTale is a place for campers to share stories, helpful hints, review camping products and plan your next camping vacation. We are mainly geared towards those who camp in recreational vehicles but many topics will apply to all of those who camp!

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Motorhome in woodsWe would love to hear about your camping adventures! Please share campground reviews or add campgrounds that we have not yet found! 

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Adding campgrounds is easy as well and we love growing our camping possibilities! Just look for the campground name first to see if it is already in the huge database of campgrounds if so go ahead and add your review. If the campground isn't listed hit the add campground button in the upper right corner on the home page and answer a few questions. It is okay if you don't have all of the information we can research it for you, just let us know where it is.

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New Campgrounds
Scenic Vacation in the Flattops Private Camping camping picture
Vacation in the Flattops Private Camping
5 Campsites

Private camping in Yampa, CO (27 miles from Steamboat Springs) primitive sites along the river with ...

This campground boasts to have 5 campsites available.

Scenic Chalk Creek Campground camping picture
Chalk Creek Campground

30 Campsites

Awesome mountain views!

This campground boasts to have 30 campsites available.

Scenic Winding River Resort camping picture
Winding River Resort

148 Campsites

Find the perfect vacation at Winding River Resort near Grand Lake, CO. Our Cabin Rentals and camping...

Camping is plentiful here with 148 sites available.

Scenic Jellystone Park™ of Fort Atkinson camping picture
Jellystone Park™ of Fort Atkinson

539 Campsites

Jellystone Park is a family friendly RV park with plenty of activities to keep the family entertaine...

Camping is plentiful here with 539 sites available.

Scenic Indian Trails RV Park camping picture
Indian Trails RV Park

320 Campsites

Indian Trails is a family friendly campground located near Pardeeville, Wi

Camping is plentiful here with 320 sites available.

Scenic River Bend RV Resort camping picture
River Bend RV Resort

614 Campsites

Large campground near Watertown, WI. Family-oriented camping resort, if you are looking for a family...

Camping is plentiful here with 614 sites available.

Scenic Junction West RV camping picture
Junction West RV

61 Campsites

Whether you just need a place to rest for the night or you want to explore the spectacular natural a...

Camping is plentiful here with 61 sites available.

Scenic Kershaw Ryan State Park camping picture
Kershaw Ryan State Park

15 Campsites

The park has a 15-unit campground with a restroom, coin-operated showers and an RV dump station. Eac...

This campground boasts to have 15 campsites available.

Camping Blog
Turquoise Lake Adventure -Sunday, May 20, 2018
Turquoise Lake, Leadville, CO I love camping in Colorado. I feel like you just can’t beat the Rocky Mountains. Since we live in Colorado the mountains are close and more convenient to access camping spots if we are taking off just for the weekend. One of my favorite adventures was when we went to Turquoise Lake. We had never been to Leadville and heard it was beautiful, so we went. Whoever told us it was beautiful was right!
Growing up in Kansas City I thought when our family went canoeing and camping along the rivers in Missouri that nothing would beat it, but I was wrong. I will say camping as a child with my family was one of my fondest memories growing up.
Grand Lake has so many activities and beauty that everyone can find something to do or look at! Check out one of this months blogs, Grand Camping in Grand Lake, for fun adventures you don't want to miss while visiting Grand Lake Colorado.